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Press Release

Napoleon, Ohio; June 22, 2016

The wait is over!  Valley Of The Shadow, is now available!  Get the full story here.









The western story has long been a staple of the American reader.  No other period of history has maintained its place in the interest of both Americans and those across the ocean as the settling of the American West.

The romance, violence, courage and just plain dedication to purpose captures the imagination of all who reflect upon the movement of the pioneer across this nation.  Then, the often lonely and violent existence of those same stalwart people who were dedicated to establishing civilization and maintain it even at the expense of their lives still holds us captive to their courage.

Western adventure now has a new writer to give forth more stories of the courage, pain, love, and settling of the old west.  Will Riley Hinton was raised on a hilltop farm in the foothills of the Appalachians in southeastern Ohio, where his mother honed in him the use of a vivid imagination by teaching him to role play stories during rainy drive-Mom-crazy days.  Add to that the horses provided by his grandfather, Riley Davis, and you had a natural would-be cowboy.

Riley Davis had made his living as a farrier, drover, and trader of horses and instilled in Will the love and knowledge of these great animals.  Will became an excellent horseman before he was ten and trained young ones to saddle during high school for extra money.

During his childhood he became an avid reader, especially of the great Zane Grey’s works and remains a huge fan yet today.  Couple all of these things together and it’s no wonder you come up with a passion for writing of the West and those great souls who settled it.  He has added to his knowledge by spending many vacations in the magnificent Rocky Mountains from Arizona to Montana.

It is Will’s hope and dream that readers will find his stories full of both reality and adventure, pain and sorrow, romance and hope, and good guys who finish first, but more than that, that they become transported from today’s hectic life into the past for an exciting escape from the rigors of their day.