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A newly published writer has recently entered the world of literature with the publishing of his new western adventure novel, Lonely Are The Hunted by White Feather Press.  The story is about a young horse rancher who reacts to a perceived wrong and thinks he is forever an outlaw.  The story follows several subplots as the reader is treated to vibrant descriptions of the western Rocky Mountains and surrounding territory.  Readers will find themselves running the complete gamut of emotions as they track the hero through his life trials.

The writer, Will Riley Hinton was born and raised in the foothills of the Appalachians in southeast Ohio.  He grew up on a farm with a grandfather who had made his living with horses and as a result, Will literally grew up on them.  Having a mother who encouraged his active imagination along the lines of role-playing and storytelling at a young age contributed greatly to his creative writing abilities.

As a youngster he was consumed by a love of horses, books, guitar music and airplanes.  During high school he pursued each of these passions and would later see each of them play a huge part in his life.  After graduation he served a hitch in the Navy as an aviation electronics technician and afterward spent time as a part time flight instructor and crop duster.  During all that time he played guitar in various bands as he pursued the love of music that was so deeply imbedded.

Will is married and now living with his wife, Donna in northwest Ohio and has two grown children with five grandsons and two great grandchildren.  Not surprisingly, his reading preferences are westerns, fantasy, and folklore.  He loves to mix a bit of history in with each of those.  He also builds custom electric guitars and basses and is becoming rather widely recognized as a builder of quality instruments. With this being added to his writing, he keeps quite busy.

Will is available for speaking engagements for most any function and welcomes inquiries about his book.   He gears his talks around the motivational aspect of life.  Anyone with an interest can and probably should “give it a try – who knows?”  This is directed at all ages, the young, middle age, and the not-so-young; like him.  Contact Will through this website for speaking opportunities.

I would like to dedicate this book to my mother, Hazel, who taught me to think as adventurously as possible and to Riley “Gramps” Davis, who was my male role model regarding horses as well as my mentor for everyday life.