posted by admin on Jun 22

At last I got off my duff and finished my latest novel.  It has been years in the writing, but I have reasons (excuses) for that.

An extended illness in my dear wife, many family activities going on with two athelic high school grandsons to follow, and a bit of other distractions.  (Are you feeling bad for me yet?)

Please don’t; life is good, I just did not have the energy until last fall.  Once life settled in a bit the story cascaded out of me like a ghost out of church meeting!  This newest work is a Christian fiction set in the year 2023 that pits two vastly different families together in a mutual survive at all cost situation.  Someone will inspire the other, who will it be?

It is NOT  a “cowboy story” as you might expect, but they do end up for considerable time in those wonderful Rocky Mountains.  (You knew that would happen, didn’t you?)

Based out of northwest Ohio to begin with, they must flee the jaugernaut of evil government in order to survive, and I’ll leave it at that.  The rest is for you to discover on your own.

If you want a signed copy, email me your information and I’ll let you know how to paypal me for the $12.00 plus shipping.  (Around $4.00)

posted by willh on Jun 7

Wow, can it really be June already? I have been a lazy bum as far as the writing goes! It isn’t that I haven’t had the time; goodness no. Life has been a real zoo here, but that is no excuse for not taking pen (or laptop) in hand during the morning hours.
Truth be told, I’ve let the fire go out for a while. I certainly apologize for that, and promise it will not continue!
I’m working on two books at once right now; a fourth western in the Odyssey series and the futuristic Christian fiction novel.
The latter is in the 10th chapter now, and is starting to write itself, whether I want it to or not! I’m not ready for some of the things going on there!!!
The western is simply a fetus at the present, with just two chapters written the way I want them.
So…please be patient, I promise to be more diligent in the very near future!
Ole Will Riley

posted by willh on Jan 24

It’s been way too long since I caught you up on the activities at the Hinton ranch, (all .3 acres of it!) so here’s a bit of drivel for you.
My writing efforts have been marginal at best, life has been in the way!
My dear mother in law fell a month back so we’ve been on the road more than we’ve been home as she lives 40 miles away. (She’s 97!!)
When I do set down and write, I’m currently working on two books; a futuristic Christian fiction, and Rocky Mountain Odyssey number four.
The western I work on in waiting rooms at the hospital, doctors offices and the like. That’s being handwritten at this time. (That means I have to decipher my terrible handwriting and type it in later on!! That, dear readers, is a daunting task!)
I hope to make another Rocky Mountain trip soon, providing we can find a reliable cat-sitter, and get pumped for more writing enthusiasm. Both current books are set in the Rockies. (Where else?)
So, you all have a great year, and may God richly bless each and every one of you.
In Him,

posted by willh on Nov 24

I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to those of you who visit this site regularly and who have purchased my books.
May you have the best holiday season yet, and yes, I mean CHRISTmas, He is not only the reason for the season, He is the reason for LIFE!
God bless you all.

posted by willh on Sep 20

I, along with author friends Mary Mueller and Josh Clark, both White Feather Press authors just came through a week at the Fulton County fair near Wauseon, Ohio.

It was so very exciting to meet many readers who have read some of our works!  Yes, we did arrange for the booth in order to sell books, but without readers, that doesn’t happen and it was wonderful to meet and greet so many readers who have been so kind.

I sold more of my first book, Lonely Are The Hunted, than either of the others.  Those who had never read my work before wanted to test the waters, and as a result, sales for the other two have been picking up.  This is truly a thrill for me.

Thank you to all my readers, God blesses me through you!  I’ve taken several weeks off from writing since submitting Shadow of Vengeance to White Feather Press, but now I’m geared up again and ready to go back to work!  Stand back, here we go again, this time with a futuristic Christian fiction adventure.  Then it will be back to the westerns.



posted by willh on Jul 25

Hello All,
The cover art for Shadow of Vengeance is done and it’s the very best yet!! Skip has really outdone himself this time!! The best word for it is, “Wow!”
It looks like the books should be available by the end of July.
Other news, the other two novels in the series are now available on, including on kindle!
White Feather Press is doing a lot of hard work to make these available and to get the names of their authors out to the general public in a meaningful way.
Check out the possible titles at and see how they’re doing.

posted by willh on Jun 14

It’s finished! (As far as I can go.) Shadow of Vengeance, book three of the Rocky Mountain Odyssey series is written, edited, proofread, and now rests in the capable hands of White Feather Press.
They are really busy, so with cover design etc. ahead of them, I can’t tell you when to expect it to be released. I will, however, be sure and let you know here as soon as I know the date.

If you want a personal email about the release date, be sure and email me your address through this website and I’ll add you to my special address book for my readers.
God bless,
Will Riley

posted by willh on May 22

Well, maybe that’s putting it a bit strong; the manuscript for Shadow of Vengeance is now in the hands of my proofreader, Sharon, after having been under attack by my dear wife as editor, and friend Mary M as chief editor.and it should be ready for final corrections before next month.
After that, it’s off to White Feather Press for cover design and all that good stuff.
Watch this site for the published announcement!! It should be here to provide summer reading.

posted by willh on Apr 15

I finally, (thanks to Donna) have a title that I really like for book three. I’m maybe ten or so pages from being finished and I’m actually getting excited about the editing process.
Readers are fortunate that yours truly doesn’t do that part!!
As soon as I have a release date I will notify everyone, in the meantime – THANK YOU to all who have asked for the book, you bless me so much.
Will Riley

posted by willh on Mar 19

Well, I’m at about 85% on book three, which is still untitled. I keep writing myself into corners, or as Skip, our publisher, says; “into a box canyon.”

Nothing to fear, however, we’re still able to get out. I know the rest of the story at this time and that always makes for faster writing. By the time we get the editing done, an approval from Skip, and then proofreading done, I’m sure it’s not going to make the June date that the first two accomplished.
I am having fun with it, though, and hope all of you readers will, too.
Will Riley